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Salumeria 104 Succeeds; Serendipity 3 Just Desserts

Lee Klein commends the collaboration of chefs at Salumeria 104, saying "Their seasoning shines through." And while "the options do not run very deep or exotic," "the salumi are prepared and served in ideal fashion." Adjectives used to describe other dishes include "scrumptious," "exceptionally delectable," "neatly composed," and "tasty." Bottom line: "Salumeria 104 is rather modest in its scope as well. It aims to provide a limited array of charcuterie with affordable regional Italian foods and wines in a setting that invites dropping by for a casual drink and snack. On all of those fronts, it succeeds." [MNT]

Of Serendipity 3, Jodi Mailander Farrell says "Nobody goes to Serendipity 3 for real food, do they? The cartoonish dishes on the menu — monster meatballs and spaghetti, triple decker grilled cheese sandwiches, dinosaur-sized beef ribs — are merely a warm-up for the main course: dessert." And about that dessert, she says "this South Beach outpost of the New York icon does not disappoint." But back to the food. This line in particular slays: "Most of the menu appears to have been written by Paula Deen, pre-diabetes. Serendipity is for the young and young at heart — before their first cholesterol screening." Bottom line: 2 stars. []


1102 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

salumeria 104

117 Miracle Mile, , FL 33134 (305) 640-5547 Visit Website