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What to Eat at Marlins Park

Photos: Rolando Diaz

2012_4_stadiumlogo.jpgParking issues aside, the zillion dollar, spanking new Marlins Park has some cool features. Among them: two 450-gallon fish tanks behind home plate, a 73-foot home run monument in left center field that lights up if and when the Marlins hit a home run and that whole Clevelander craziness out of--um, in left field. And then there's the food. A "Taste of Miami" food court by Section 28 that will offer food from Papo Llega y Pon, Latin American Grill, Sir Pizza, and Don Camaron. And there's more. There's YoBlendz, La Baguette and Holiday Bakery, too. But it's the generic concessions that are really making an effort to feed fans with finer tastes. There's Rincon Habana serving Cuban sandwiches and empanadas, Miami Mex, which offers grilled mahi mahi tacos ($14) with pickled red onions, cilantro slaw and chipotle aioli. And then there's the Farm to Fork stand. More on that later.

Marlins Park's Five Standouts

Marlins%20Media%20Tasting%2023.jpg1) The Clevelander: Say what you will about the South Beach watering hole, but it will no doubt be the talk of the games--unless the Marlins win--thanks to the actual pool built out in left field, which according to this photo by NBC Miami reporter Adam Kuperstein, was pretty empty on opening night. And cocktails, lots of frozen, sweet cocktails. Oh, and as for the food. Well, Clevelander fare. Burgers, sandwiches, salads, hot dogs. But who's eating? [Left Field]

Marlins%20Media%20Tasting%201.jpg2) Burger 305: Although the Mets' park Citi Field has a Shake Shack, the Marlins' Burger 305 has some pretty fancy offerings, including a Miami Marlins Shrimp Burger ($13) with lime aioli on torta bread or a Buffalo and Blue Chicken sandwich with hot sauce, blue cheese and ranch dressing. [General Concessions/Club Level].

Marlins%20Media%20Tasting%203.jpg3) Metro Grill:Signature items here include a Lime 'n' Lobster Roll ($17) --Florida lobster salad on a toasted split bun with chives or a Tenderloin BLT with seared beef, bacon and blue cheese signature steak sauce. [Club Level]

Marlins%20Media%20Tasting%204.jpg4) Fan Feast: Here's where you get your hot dogs. The Sobe Hot Dog has mango slaw, chipotle mayo and potato sticks on it. You can also get yours plain if you're not the Sobe type of baseball fan. [General Concessions/Club Level]

sushi-maki_md.jpg5) Farm to Fork Stand:Points to them for the name of this stand, which offers, among other things a Thai chili burger with Niman Ranch ground pork and beef and Asian slaw on a brioche bun. For ballers with a more refined palate. [Club Level]

But that's not all! According to Exec. VP of Operations Claude Delorme, the stadium is "still looking at the possibility of a restaurant on the west plaza," but "We’ve been talking to a lot for different people for the last eighteen months. We just didn’t want to hurry. We want the right partner that understands the business and that can operate in this setting for 365 days. " Stay tuned. [EaterWire]

Marlins Park

1380 NW 6th St., Miami, FL