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Mainiero Fights Back Against Lawsuits

After making headlines for embezzlement and money laundering allegations, South Florida restaurateur David Mainiero is fighting back with his own claim. One of the men behind the restaurant concept BurgerFI and South Beach's Devito, Mainiero is suing his former partners saying the allegations against him were devised to end Mainiero's ties with the restaurant group after they attained their liquor license using Mainiero's clean record.

Along with claiming that the previous allegations were part of a bigger scheme, Mainiero's counterclaim states that one of his other partners was involved in the same money laundering scheme that netted him $67,500 and that he accepted half a million dollars worth of gifts from one associate as well. Furthermore, Mainiero says that since the partners fired him one of the BurgerFI franchises has been allowed by management to sell marijuana in the restaurant. Stay tuned for more entertaining allegations.

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[Photo courtesy of PBP]