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Reviews for PM Buenos Aires Fish & Steakhouse, Jean Paul's House and More

This week, Miami Herald's Victoria Pesce Elliot is "hard-pressed to find redeeming qualities" for Brickell newcomer PM Buenoes Aires Fish & Steak House. Outside of "the gorgeous decor, which includes what must be more than a thousand bottles of wine in shiny floor-to-ceiling vaults", many flaws in service, from "plastic-coated menus were streaked with greasy food stains" to a "table that had at least a teaspoon of salt scattered across it", ruined the experience. The food was just as disappointing with lobster tails "scorched in their shells until the consistency of chewing gum" and a steak that "a true Argentine would like have flung it across the room for its lack of flavor." All these flaws left VPE grading PM Fish & Steak worthy of only one star. [MH]

Lee Klein of the Miami New Times feels at home at Jean Paul's House, located on the outskirts of Wynwood. The cuisine reflects the decor, a blend of "modern and rustic sensibilities" with a "concise menu (that) hews to the current American dining notion of fresh ingredients prepared without much fuss, but distinguishes itslf from the pack with a lacing of French and Peruvian influences." Standouts include the crisp pork belly app that is "uniquely delectable, the meat so softly tenderized by long, slow braising that it texturally resembles a brisket culled from pig." [MNT]

The Herald also gives a run down of a trio of Italian restaurants in Ft. Lauderdale that are sometimes neglected but deserving of more love. Elaine Walker stops at the neighborhood gems Lucca, Giorgio's 17th Street, and Isabella's and finds them worth the trip. [MH]

Liz Balmaseda of the Palm Beach Post dines on the fresh catch at old standby Schooners up north and grades it a B+. [PBP]

The PB Post doesn't leave a stone unturned and gets a taste of Mexican chain La Granja. [PBP]

THE BLOGS: A Chowhound writer gives an initial opinion on the expense of dining at the newly open Estiatorio Milos. [Chow].