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Reviews for PM Fish & Steak House, Water Bar, and More

Over at the Miami New Times, Lee Klein dubs the Argentinean/Mexican PM Fish & Steak House in Brickell the best dressed steak house in town with an expansive menu reflecting the best cultures and prices of Miami: "You wont need a Navajo decoder to get by, but be ready for a little extra effort." While the space had aura of a grander scale, everything else missed a note: "There were, however, too many mistakes: Dishes never arrived, meats were served at the wrong temperatures, and we were overcharged for items. Plus there's a real problem with getting food and drinks to diners in a timely manner." Very Miami, indeed. [MNT]

Jodi Mailander Farrel at tolerates "standing in a strip mall overlooking a parking lot" while "being scolded for being 5 minutes late for (her) reservation" all for a taste of Indian at Ayesha's Kitchen on Key Biscayne. Ignoring the view, the culinary merits of Ayesha earned 2 1/2 stars for its "saffron lettuce wraps, an appetizer that successfully pairs a fiery, juciy chicken-tomato saute with cool lettuce leaves and a fruity tamarind sauce for dipping" as well as its wide traditional Indian options of "tandoor, biryani, curry, madras and rogan josh dishes." []

Up north a bit, PB Post enjoys the new addition to PGA Commons, Water Bar, "the more sedate, upscale sister" to Spoto's Osyter Bar. Water Bar, "done up in a palette of ocean hues", graded out to a B for its "breezy dining experience." [PB Post]
—Matt Tylka

PM Fish & Steak House

1453 South Miami Avenue Miami, FL 33130