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Introducing Curbed Miami, Launching Now!

At long last, it's a pleasure to announce a new member to our happy blog family Curbed Miami. Where Eater obsessively covers the ins and outs of the South Florida restaurant scene, Curbed will zero in on the wide world of real estate, celebrating neighborhoods, architecture, real estate porn, gossip, and everything to do with the built environment of our fair city. There will be floor plans, slideshows, drool-worthy renderings, and breaking news galore. The newest member of the Curbediverse has been a dream of ours for ages, and finally completes the golden triangle, so to speak, of the interwoven real estate markets of New York City and the Hamptons.

So go over to the site, add it to your RSS feed, bookmark the hell out of it, and dive into the juicy world of Magic City's major developments. Oh and while we're at it, we should mention the Curbed Universe also welcomes Curbed Cape Cod and Eater Charleston to the network this morning. Onward.