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Wynwood Art Walk Food Truck Roundup Canceled, Again

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The Second Saturdays Art Walk in Wynwood will once again be without food trucks this month, Beached Miami reports. And, according to an email from Richard Hales, the event’s organizer, to the food truck community, the city is once again to blame:

Unfortunately the Wynwood event is not going to happen this month on the lot; the City will not give the permission ? See you hopefully next month.
This isn’t the first time that Hales, who owns the popular Dim Ssam a gogo, and his food truck contigent have faced problems. Back in March, the City, with the urging of neighborhood activist Brad Knoefler, prevented the food trucks from setting up shop at their usual location on Second Avenue as they didn't have the proper permits. Last month things seemed to be looking up when the trucks made a triumphant return, but alas, complaints of noise and garbage have won out.

Those still hoping to get their food truck fix should keep an eye out for mobile food vendors parked throughout the Wynwood area on Saturday night: the trucks may make an appearance in the neighborhood just like they did back in March, taking over streets and friendly driveways.

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— Claire Nugent