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For Father's Day: The Federal Brings The Dancers, You Give Dad Some Singles

Time is running out on Father's day and instead of buying your old man something else from Brookstone you may want to consider treating him to the no-holds-barred, man feast of all man feasts that is brewing from the collaboration between The Federal and Tudor House. The festivities begin over at Tudor House around 12:30 p.m. where The Federal's Aniece Meinhold will be mixing up some drinks to get Dad good and sauced, along with some tastes from The Federal's chef Cesar Zapata. An hour later, Tudor House's Jamie DeRosa will unveil the main event - a 60 lb pig with all the fixin's. The afternoon at Tudor House will cost $65 per person.

After the pig roast at Tudor House, things will jump over to The Federal for Vinecraft's pop-up whiskey bar, cigars by Sosa Cigars, and maybe a little dancing from some ladies from a near-by gentleman's club. While your Dad might have taught you when you were growing up to never eat around strippers, this is an exception. The food will be a big family style spread featuring a menu of smoked pork shanks, ribs, brisket and fried chicken from The Federal along with some apps from Jamie DeRosa. The Federal's Father's Day evening, running from 5:30-10:30, is priced at $55 per person.

"Whole Hoggin' It At The Tudor House" - $65 per person
· 12:30 - 1:30 -- Cocktails from Aniece Meinhold - frozen mint Julep, beer trough of PBR, strawberry lemonades.
· 12:30 - 1:30 -- The Federal's Hors D'oeuvres - Buffalo style pork belly, jar o' duck, cheesy mac & cheese balls.
· 1:30 -- "Pig-Veiling" - 60 pound Palmetto Farm pig, grilled yellow tail snapper, pressed watermelon salad, Alsatian potato salad, picked vegetables, grilled shrimp, peach pie cocktail, chocolately bacon cookies, key lime pie ice cream sandwiches, watermelon margarita and orange ice cream pops.

"Smoking It Up At The Federal" - $55 per person
· Drinks -- Pop Up Whiskey Bar by Vinecraft, Buckets of Beer, Pitchers of Punch
· Apps by Jamie DeRosa -- octopus, olive, lemon; chicken liver pate; peaches 'n cream
· The Federal Family Style -- smoked pork shank; St. Louis style pork ribs; Texas cowboy beef briskey; Bobo's fried chicken; grilled shrimp; grilled corn; homemade tart cole slaw; Federal potato salad; minted watermelon.

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Tudor House

1111 Colins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139