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The Sky Harem of Helmsley And A Sheik; We Have Art!

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Miami...

BRICKELL - What could arguably be the most mind blowing penthouse in Miami has gone on the market. Formerly owned by Queen of Mean Leona Helmsley and her husband Harry, a Saudi Sheik, and an antique artillery collector (not at the same time), the three story glass-enclosed box on the top of Arquitectonica's Palace Condominium has an interior as ornate as an arabian mirage, or an ottoman harem.

AROUND TOWN - Curbed Miami has put together its first Public Art Map, a selection of some of the most interesting, and instigating, art on public display in our fair, sweaty, city. The map just skims the surface of our bounty of public art, featuring a variety of pieces from thousands of possibilities. The map will certainly evolve, pieces will be added and dropped, and we'll see what happens. Let's cross our fingers, and check out some art.

SOUTH BEACH - Casa Casuarina, the former home of Gianni Versaci (more commonly known as the Versace Mansion, is back on the market, and Curbed Miami has extensive coverage. We've heard lots of old stories about the heyday of that old place, of wild parties, and lots of gay goings on. In hopes of exploring the rich, and raucous history of the house, we challenged Curbedanites to comment on their Versace memories, and the response was lackluster to say the best, so we ask you, dear Eater-ers, what do you remember about Gianni Versace's old pleasure palace? More importantly, what stories are you willing to share, for the fascination of us all?

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