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Great Glass Car Elevators; Map of Miami's Hottest Swimming Spots

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Miami...

SUNNY ISLES BEACH - The Porsche Design Tower is the most ridiculously luxurious and blatantly unsustainable building to be proposed, and approved, in Miami in a long time. You literally take a great glass car elevator, with ocean views, to your grand new home in the sky.

AROUND TOWN - Curbed has maps! Our latest map is a selection of swimming spots, including pools, beaches, islands, and even an atoll. Miami has a plethora of places to take a dive, or while away the afternoon. But we all know swimming is often merely an excuse to head off to the pool, and not the real reason: to be seen wearing almost nothing without getting arrested, to socialize, to party, to flirt, and basically to do everything hedonistic that makes Miami the wonderful, dirty place it is. These swimming spots satisfy the nefarious as well as the aquatic in us all.

BRICKELL - The highest place in all of Florida, on top of the highest building, is the penthouse at the Four Seasons Tower in Miami, 700-something feet in the sky. Land doesn't even get anywhere close to that, topping off at under 400 feet in the Florida panhandle. Penthouse 70B, which was enlarged by the additions of penthouses 70C and 70D, is on the market for $13 million, which seems a pretty fair price to be above, literally, everybody. That is except for those guys in Penthouse A.

MID BEACH - We scored some amazing renderings of the Rem Koolhaas-designed expansion to the Saxony Hotel in Miami Beach. The new complex, being created by Argentinian hotelier Alan Faena, is shrouded in a bit of mystery, but the mystery is only eclipsed by the seduction. And Miamians, used to being the beautiful ones, can't handle being out-seduced.

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