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Once Again, Phuc Yea! Resurrected for District Factory

Once again, the folks over at The Fed are resurrecting their former pop-up restaurant, Phuc Yea!, for District Factory this Saturday, July 14. The menu from the Phuc Yea! gang includes a special rendition on the banh mi, sweet and sour pork belly, and "Good 4 Ur Belly" papaya salad. Along with Phuc Yea's Vietnamese street food and drinks, The Federal will be serving up craft beers for $6. The District Factory's mashup of art, fashion and food will run from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the Design District.

Beverage: $9
Minted Green Tea Cooler
sake - green tea syrup - fresh cucumber juice - mint - lime

Lychee Rose Water Sangria
white wine - lychees - rosewater - blueberry

Food Menu: $6
Chai Gio - Mamma T's Imperial Rolls
shrimp - pork - greens - herbs - classic dipping sauce

Goi Cuon - Traditional Summer Rolls (2)
fresh shrimp – lemongrass chicken – rice vermicelli - crispy shallots

Special Bánh Mi = Cultish Vietnamese Mac Daddy Sammich
cha lua - country pate - head cheese - pickled veg - chiles - cilantro - cracklins

Pulled Chicken Salad
cucumbers - tomatoes - chillies - peanuts - nuac cham

Good 4 Ur Belly Papaya Salad (choice of plain or sliced grilled lemongrass beef or roasted chicken add $2)
green papaya - cherry tomatoes - roasted peanuts - nuoc cham

Sweet and Sour Pork Belly
pineapple - bell pepers - onions - herbage

Banh Cuon
dry shrimp rice noodles - ground pork - wood ear mushrooms - pork terrine

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The District Factory

3900 NE 1st Avenue, Miami, FL 33137