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Free Pollo Tropical; The New OMG! Dinner & a Movie

WYNWOOD Tickets are on sale for August 2's "OMG! Dinner & a Movie." This time the movie is The Queen of Versaille, the documentary about a wealthy Florida family attempting to build the largest private home in America during the recession. Of course the food is from Harry's Pizzeria, and tickets are $35 a head. On the menu: bbq brisket, corn and black bean salad, twice baked potatoes, cole slaw, and red velvet cake. [The Genuine Kitchen]

FREEBIES— In recognition of National Parents Day on Sunday, Pollo Tropical is giving $2 off to any parent that texts "PARENT" to 52198. One texter every hour gets free full family meal.

BOSTON— Boston mayor Thomas Menino is so peeved that the CEO of fried chicken chain Chick-Fil-A confirmed his anti-gay feelings earlier this week that he's banning the company from opening a location in his city. Chick-fil-A has been looking at opening in a Boston building near many landmarks, and Menino says anti-homosexual businesses don't belong on the so-called Freedom Trail. [Eater National]

Harry's Pizzeria

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