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Zimmern%20-%20072312%203.jpg"The first is the growth and maturity of the medium to fine dining community. A ton more quality restaurants have opened that are doing great food in slightly more casual and slightly more fussy situations — and everything in between. You have what I call the New York City commitheus – the Scott Conants, the Daniel Bouluds? Andrew Carmellini – all these folks showing up in Miami. What it does is raises the bar for everyone. And they wouldn’t be there if there wasn’t a market for dining....There is an amazing amount of fantastic ethnic eats in that town....It’s this depth and maturity that makes Miami consistently one of the 10 to 12 best food scenes in America." - Bizarre Food's Andrew Zimmern in an interview with The Genuine Kitchen on what makes Miami a relevant food city. [TGK/photo:TravelChannel]