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Roundup: Sugarcane Going Italian in Midtown? Yardbird Ventures to Southeast Asia?

With sweat beading down foreheads and the heat exhausting locals, daydreaming about some rumored, high-profile additions to the Miami dining scene can help make these summer months fly by.

One rumor has the team behind Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill, led by restaurateur Shimon Bokovza, taking over the former Sustain spot in Midtown, which was vacated this past May. The grapevine gossips that the concept for the space is an authentic Italian restaurant, complete with an overhaul of the existing space and a rumored bocce court on the patio.

Another high profile Miami restaurant group, 50 Eggs - responsible for Yardbird and the upcoming Swine - are rumored to be looking into opening up a Southeastern Asian concept on South Beach. The rumor is in a stalemate as they search for the ideal location and chef. Stay tuned for more.

· Sugarcane Signs Lease for Sustain Space []