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More Skyscrapers; More 1111; More Expensive Penthouses

AROUND TOWN - Miami has had way more new tall buildings than any other metro area in the United States since 2000 (except for New York). We've even had 25 more than Chicago, that city famously known as the birthplace of the skyscraper.

LINCOLN ROAD - There may soon be more of 1111, the world's most famous parking garage, to go around. We have a deeper look at the proposal that 1111's developer, Bob Wennett, has submitted to Miami Beach to build a couple surface parking lots behind the iconic garage, including lots of renderings.

SUNNY ISLES BEACH - A whole lotta money will buy you a whole lotta penthouse at the yet-to-start-construction Mansions of Aqualina, where the top two floors of the building, fully decked out, are going for $50 million. The pad, known as the "Palazzo di Oro" is 15,000 square feet, has eight bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a pool, and $100,000 closets. Those closets may be no biggie though. They're standard for the building.