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Villa May Watch; Indian Creek Record Breakers

MID BEACH - A coal mining heir and his new bride have purchased a ginormous amount of real estate in Miami Beach - three waterfront houses totaling $20 million - just for the land, meaning they're demolishing whatever's on them to build their dream house. That 'whatever' is an iconic modernist home by architect Jorge Arango - of the eponymous Arango design store - called "Villa May," which may soon be a goner. We've been following the story closely.

INDIAN CREEK VILLAGE - Indian Creek Island has seen Miami's biggest residential sale ever: a 30,000 square foot ginormous Bau-Hausian box of a palace, for $47 Million. It's huge, and has got some fantastically over-the-top features, like a 100 foot pool, hidden art storage, limo-sized garage, and chromotherapy spa. All that, with ten bedrooms and fourteen bathrooms.

INDIAN CREEK VILLAGE - Did you miss out on the record-setting sale (see above) but you've still got boatloads of money? And maybe your style is a bit more conservative? Well, you're in luck with this $38 million Indian Creek spread just down the street. It's huge, expensive as hell, and it doesn't look like a space ship.