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Reviews for Estiatorio Milos, Benny's Seafood, More

Photo Courtesy of Milos

Lee Klein of the Miami New Times drops some serious cash this week at new, sleek Miami import Estiatorio Milos. He experiences some lapses in service, some shortages on popular items, but hey, it's delicious: "There is surprise, and then there is shock — my reaction to seeing the 200-seat room packed to the gills. Evidently the recession hasn't yet trickled up to the top. Regardless, Estiatorio Milos offers exquisite seafood and Hellenic opulence for those who can afford it." [MNT]

The Miami Herald's Victoria Pesce Elliott checks out the new location of Benny's Seafood and is an early fan: "Yes, Benny’s signature mofongo, a chunky mash of fried green plantains and chicharrones with fresh garlic is authentic comfort fare...But honestly, it is not for everyone. There are better things on the menu here. As the name suggests, it is the fresh and local seafood that should get attention." [MH]

THE ELSEWHERE: The Miami Herald has a round up of three Broward-area Mexican taquerias to try, files on the newly relocated Deli Lane Brickell, the Sun Sentinel's John Tanasychuk loves the food and the live entertainment at,0,1937154.story">Frank & Dino's, and Emily Codink is surprised by the identity crisis at Fort Lauderdale's East End Brasserie, where the chef is on his way out.