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Jonathan Vilma Bans Roger Goodell From Brother Jimmy's

Jonathan Vilma, along with two other NFL and former 'Canes players, recently opened Brother Jimmy's in Brickell and the restaurant is already living up to it's motto: "Put Some South in Yo' Mouth". Last night, a sign was discovered posted throughout the restaurant (front windows and inside the dining room) banning NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell from dining at the restaurant, reading "DO NOT SERVE THIS MAN". Vilma has been in a legal battle with the NFL over a season-long suspension due to an organized bounty system. The other Brother Jimmy's owners from the NFL include Jon Beason of the Carolina Panthers and DJ Williams of the Denver Broncos. There is no word on whether or not Vilma is actually responsible for the Goodell sign.

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[Photo Courtesy of USAT/@Allin1Pro/@JeremyIvans13]

Brother Jimmy's

900 South Miami Avenue, Miami, FL