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Lee Klein's Farewell Tour: NeMesis Urban Bistro

Photo Courtesy of MNT/Bill Wesser

In one of his last reviews for The New Times, Lee Klein has a taste of Micah Edelstein's NeMesis Urban Bistro, where "those lacking imagination and a sense of humor are not welcome". With a war of words resulting in Klein being unwelcome to dine at Nemesis, he waited a year before visiting:

"I'm glad I ignored the warning, because Nemesis dizzies with its spins on convention. If you choose to accept Edelstein's challenge and enter her restaurant, you will be greeted by visible confirmation of the creative and eclectic sensibility at work...The cuisine is as idiosyncratic as everything else — actually more so, for chef Edelstein fuses the dishes with influences from her native South Africa."
Edelstein cooks up "flavors not available on any other plates in town" with successes like kangaroo carpaccio with rooibos-tea-smoked tomato oil and house-made boerewors (South African farmers' sausage). In his second to last review for The New Times, Klein finds NeMesis "genuine and uniquely one-of-a-kind": "If the dining experience here doesn't rise to the level of great art, it certainly is handcrafted". [MNT]

The Miami Herald's Jodi Mailander Farrell drops three stars on the Grove's LoKal, which has "blossomed into so much more" than a burger joint. While it's easy to love the burgers, "it would be a mistake not to venture into some of the latest menu additions, most notably the grouper Reuben, a thick stack of fresh, grilled fish sandwiched between toasted rye with cole slaw, Thousand Island dressing and Swiss cheese. Dredged in Cajun seasoning, the steamy, flaky fish spices up the deli classic." With the majority of ingredients rooted in the state of Florida, Farrell finds that LoKal proves "that some relationships are best when they're made local." [MH]

Boca's Rebel House gets some high praise from Bill Citara of The New Times: "Rebel House's whimsical, inventive, tapas-style menu of American comfort food on Mars may not seem rebellious at all, but in Boca, it's like Mitt Romney flashing gang signs and firing up a giant spliff on national TV." [BPBNT]

Nineteen year veteran Canyon Road gets an update from The Miami Herald's Rochelle Koff, awarding the Ft. Lauderdale mainstay three stars. A lively 70 seat restaurant "known for its creative Southwest fusion cuisine", "Canyon is still a place where you'll discover fun new dishes along with good times." [MH]

NeMesis Urban Bistro

1035 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33132 (305) 415-9911 Visit Website