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Owner/Chef Hales' Big Plans for Sakaya

Richard Hales, chef and owner of Sakaya Kitchen, has big plans for his brand, potentially expanding to 20 outlets across Florida. Sakaya Kitchen, which has restaurants in Midtown and Downtown, is also looking to add two more local locations, one in Pembroke Pines and another in Kendall. Hales spoke to Short Order about the growth of his business:

"We're going from an adolescent company to a mature company, and the only way we can be competitive and keep the standards where I envisioned them in 2009 is if I sort of adopt this franchise model even though we're not franchising"
Along with the massive expansion, Hales is developing a new sit-down concept inspired by a trip to Tokyo and Seoul. However, there is no time table for the new restaurant or the expansion. Stay tuned for updates.

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