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Miami's Hottest Broker; The Most Lucrative Mall in the World

Bal Harbour Shops

HOTTEST BROKER - After a fierce two weeks of competition, Miami's Hottest Broker is Ines Hegedus-Garcia, of Majestic Properties. The competition was incredibly close, with the last round between Ines and Chad Carroll being won at a narrow 1 percent, but in the end Ines won, in all her bouncy beauty.

BAL HARBOUR -Did you that Bal Harbour Shops is, literally, the most lucrative mall in the world? Sales per square foot are higher at Bal Harbour by a seriously wide margin over any other other mall, anywhere.

CELEBRITY HEAT MAP - Curbed Miami's first Celebrity Heatmap is out. We've tracked the hottest celebrity real estate stories over the last few months and put them in a handy dandy map form.