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The Early Word on Bloom in Wynwood

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Photo Courtesy of UrbanDaddy/JustinNamon

Bloom, the street-food eatery from owners Jose Miguel Sarti and Sebastian Stahl, opened a couple of weeks ago in Wynwood. The eclectic menu, designed by former Nobu chef Ricky Sauri, puts a refined spin on Asian and Latin American cheap eats using bold flavors on small plates, seen on such dishes as the shaken octopus with yuzu sake granite and citrus salsa, pork belly kakuni with mirasol sauce, and reina pepiada arepa. The new addition to Wynwood has fared pretty admirably in some diner's early reviews, with some enjoying the unique menu of street-food, while a few others annoyed with the presentation and value of the dishes. Here's a roundup of what people are saying about Bloom:

Inspiring News:'s Sara Liss takes a 'First Look' at Bloom: "An inspired mix of Japanese tapas and South American street-food by chefs Ricky Sauri (Nobu) and Sergio Rivera Alamo (Makoto)....Prepare for an avalanche of small plates like tuna tacos with seaweed paper, diced fish and jicama slaw; braised oxtail tamales; crab & Korean short rib arepas; “bi bim bap” with steak, duck or short rib; panag curry; traditional pad Thai; and pork belly ramen." Liss' verdict: "A Pan-Latino hangout with eclectic small plates and creative cocktails." []

Good News: With decor that is "adorable", one Yelper graded the restaurant four stars and "was pleasantly surprised as new restaurants usually have some kinks when they first open." Concerning the food, "Wow!! We had the fluke tiradito which was very fresh. We then had two arepas (duck and short rib) all i can say is WOW! these are individual size which was shared, but next time I will be getting my own for sure....the only bad thing I would say is that the food took a little long to come out. I hope that this is something that they will work on as they get more comfortable in the kitchen as I can see it becoming a problem when the restaurant gets packed." [Yelp]

Surprising News: Blogger Four Courses breaks out a review of the new addition to Wynwood: "Bloom's vibe is similar to already popular places like gigi and Sugarcane so it needs to find its niche quickly in order to fill a fairly big space. Foodwise, the menu is inventive and eclectic. I didn't expect to be challenged with innovative and sophisticated textures and flavor profiles at a place like Bloom, but it was a welcome surprise. After one test drive Bloom has made its way into the rotation. [FourCourses]

Satisfying News: Over at Yelp, a reviewer loved the idea and was content with the restaurant's execution: "The concept is brilliant (and fits right in in the ever eclectic Wynwood Art District), Latin-and- Asian-inspired street food. Everything is done very thoughtfully, in ways that make every rendition feel reinvented yet authentic and satisfying." Menu highlights for this diner included the oxtail tamele, which "made me feel nostalgic and fuzzy inside", the crudos, and the noodle bowls. While the shrimp bag's presentation and the chipotle shrimp skewers ("left much to be desired") missed the mark. [Yelp]

Lack Luster News: One reviewer found fault with the value, "the food was all right-- but not good enough for the price. My friend and I ordered the duck fried rice, chicken curry, and roasted almonds, and the funny thing was that the roasted almonds were the best thing we tasted and also the cheapest...I've had better food at cheaper Asian fusion diners such as at Sakaya Kitchen, which is half the price." On the bright-side, "You have amazing decor...and we were impressed by your attentive service, and the pink color highlights around the restaurant made the experience very lively." [Yelp]

The Missed Potential News: One yelper dropped the hammer, "You had potential. You really did. I was awaiting your opening with open arms, an open palate and a hungry belly. Your decor is nice...a little too "Miami" for Wynwood but still new and fresh. The service and the Bulleit Bourbon Drink are the only things that stood out during our entire dinner...But the food was such a let down that It does not deserve any more than that" [Yelp]


2751 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL, 33137