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Quesadillas Gone Crazy; The Pizza Express

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Two new food trucks have just been added to the roster covering ground in the South Florida area. First up is Crazydilla, and it's just what it sounds like: a combination of crazy quesadillas. Something Napoleon Dynamite would be probably be fond of, the changing menu has premiered with wild combos like the "Cubadilla" and the "Reubadilla" that are new takes on the classic sandwiches stuffed into tortillas and "dilla"-fied.

The second truck is actually a bus. Converted from what used to be a handicap transit bus, Firewall Food Truck gets its name from the wood-burning oven being toted around inside making gourmet pizzas. Pulling in to more than just bus stops now, this red hot vehicle is dishing out pizzas right from the oven with toppings like chunks of Florida lobster and spicy Italian sausage to be washed down with an Italian soda.
[Photo via Thrillist]

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