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The Blacksmith Soon to Host Fridays at The Well

Among the various questions asked on a Friday night in Miami Beach, the most common are (usually): Where do we go for a drink? To hear live music? To go dancing? To smoke a good ol' stogie? Finding a place that answers all of these isn't always easy, that's why The Blacksmith Saloon will soon make its way onto the scene.

Starting September 28, a full drinking, dancing, cigar-smoking, live-music-enjoying experience can be had at the Forge's nextdoor neighbor The Well. Only popping up on Fridays, The Blacksmith will offer three rooms, each with different settings ideal for any of the aforementioned vices. "Artisanal" bottle service checks in at $200 (beach cheap) and the small plates menu at $12 for dishes like filet mignon skewers with red beet chimichuri, created by Chef Horatio Rivadero formerly of The Dining Room and OLA. If this sounds like a dude's den, think again. The 444 Cigar Bar will be ventilated and offer flavored cigars for the ladies. The opening night on Friday September 28 will have free bites and drinks from 9:30 to 11p.m., a great post-Forge dinner idea.
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The Blacksmith Saloon

444 41st Street, Miami Beach FL