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Restauranteur/Entrepreneur Tony Goldman Dies at 68

One of the first to see potential in Miami Beach and Wynwood, developer, restauranteur and entrepreneur Tony Goldman died yesterday of heart failure at age 68, surrounded by family in New York City. Short Order recaps his legacy and the mark he left since coming to Miami in 1985. Starting with the reopening of the Park Central Hotel on Ocean Drive in '87, Goldman's Miami Beach imprint was a strong one, which included the four-star restaurant Wish.
2004 was when Goldman set his sights across the bridge in a still somewhat-shabby Wynwood. Seeing potential for the area with art and dining, he and his son/partner Joey acquired more than 25 properties. The Goldman Warehouse, Joey's, and Wynwood Kitchen & Bar were some of the first to the district and are now some of the most notable, carving a path for the boom that's taking place there today. His daughter, Jessica Goldman Srebnick, has worked closely with him along the way and is now Partner at Goldman Properties.
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