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Two Miami Restaurants Check in to Roach Motel

Photo via CBS Miami

In the September 8 report from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, two of the eight Florida restaurants closed were in Miami: Cine Citta Cafe in Surfside and Pasha's in Brickell. Among other violations at Cine Citta, the least appetizing was that "inspectors observed more than 30 live roaches by the kitchen dishwashing machines." Roach activity is the leading cause of restaurant closures in Florida, and Pasha's was another victim. Besides the 10 live roaches found under a coffee machine, there was also improper separation of raw foods and no hand washing signs at the male employee restroom. Both must resolve all violations they were cited for before they can re-open.
· Cine Citta, Pasha's Brickell Closed Due to Violations [SO]