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Winning GREY GOOSE® Punch Wars Recipes

This week, at the Texas installments of the GREY GOOSE® Punch Wars—a nine-city tour pitting expert mixologists up against each other to create the ultimate punch, utilizing the full GREY GOOSE® Vodka portfolio—Dallas' Andrew Lostetter (of The Texas Grill at Marquee) and Houston's Kris Sowell (of Coppa Ristorante Italiano) took the crowns in their respective cities with winning recipes. Over the course of the next month, the Punch Wars will visit a handful of Eater cities. The winners will meet in a final Punch Wars battle in Miami.

We've got the recipes for Lostetter's The Randy's Travesty and and Sowell's Orange You Glad it's Punch Season, after the jump. Be sure to stay tuned for more event coverage and winning recipes. And don't forget to check out the video tutorials and recipes from the GREY GOOSE® Punch collection.

The Randy's Travesty:
GREY GOOSE® La Poire [3/4 bottle]
blueberries [1 quart, muddle half]
raspberries [1 quart, muddle half]
pineapple [1 whole, diced, juice half and add all]
lemon juice [16 oz]
simple syrup [12 oz]
cherry juice [6 oz]
club soda [24 oz]
Combine all ingredients and garnish with fresh edible flowers and lavender.

Orange You Glad it's Punch Season:
GREY GOOSE® L'Orange [1 Liter]
Cointreau [1 1/2 Cup]
Lillet Blanc [3/4 Cup]
honey syrup [2 1/2 Cup: to make, dilute 1 part honey in 1 part warm water]
fresh lemon juice [3/4 Cup]
Angostura bitters [10 shakes]
Fever Tree ginger beers [6]
sliced kumquats [1/2 Pint]
smashed kumquats [1/2 Pint]
starfruit [2, sliced as stars]
star fruit [1, muddled]
fresh ginger root [1 palm sized knob, shredded]
oranges [3, sliced]
Combine above ingredients into a punch bowl. Stir to combine. Note: this recipe can be made in advance, as it will only become tastier and spicier the longer it sits. To serve, fill punch bowl with ice and garnish each glass with a speared starfruit and kumquat wheel. Enjoy (preferably on a patio)!
Serves 25-30.