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Farewell Tony Goldman; Ducati Comes To Wynwood

Tony Goldman
Tony Goldman

FOND FAREWELLS - Tony Goldman, the real estate mogul known for leading the revitalization of South Beach, and then basically creating Wynwood from scratch, died Tuesday in New York. His funeral, however, was earlier today at Temple Emanu-El in South Beach, and he is being buried, at a private burial service, this afternoon. Although born and raised in New York, where he also discovered SoHo, his heart must have belonged to Miami. We'll miss him.

VENETIAN ISLANDS - Here's a hot news item for all you celebrity gossips. The Kardashians are back, and this time they're house shopping - TV house shopping that is - for a place on the Venetian Islands. The place they've picked, on the NW side of Di Lido Island, looks rather nice.

WYNWOOD - A flagship Ducati showroom is opening in Wynwood, making Ducati the first corporate brand to set up shop in the area. Whether this is good news or bad news for the neighborhood is a matter of debate. It's certainly emblematic of Wynwood's growth, as a district of arts, culture, and commerce, but the trend (and this is clearly the beginning of a trend) is rather ominous for the area's underground, or "starving artist" disposition. Starving artists on bicycles can't afford Ducatis.

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