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Winning GREY GOOSE® Recipes


This week, at the DC and Denver installments of the GREY GOOSE® Punch Wars—a nine-city tour pitting expert mixologists up against each other to create the ultimate punch, utilizing the full GREY GOOSE® Vodka portfolio—Glendon Hartley (of DC's Farmers Fishers and Bakers) and Tyler Lewis (of Denver's TAG) took crowns in their respective cities with winning punch recipes. Over the course of the next month, the Punch Wars will visit a handful of Eater cities. The winners will meet in a final Punch Wars battle in Miami.

We've got the recipe for Hartley's Beat the Heat (pictured right) and Lewis' Oscar Wilde's Exile,, after the jump. Be sure to stay tuned for more event coverage and winning recipes. And don't forget to check out the video tutorials and recipes from the GREY GOOSE® Punch collection.

Beat the Heat:
GREY GOOSE® Le Citron [1 bottle]
lemon juice [12 oz]
grapefruit juice [8 oz]
simple syrup, 20 Thai chilies, 6 Kaffir lime leaves, and 2 green tea bags, prepared over heat [8 oz]
honey syrup [12 oz]
Angostura Bitters [20 dashes]
cold water [12 oz]

Combine ingredients in a punch bowl with 4 cups of ice. Serve in a glass, over ice, garnished with lemon peel. Serves 20.

Oscar Wilde's Exile:
GREY GOOSE® La Poire [32 oz]
Orgeat [32 oz]
Cointreau [8 oz]
Domaine de Canton [8 oz.]
fresh squeezed lemon juice [6 oz]
pear juice [16 oz]
maple syrup [4 oz]
freshly cut ginger root [6 pcs]
chamomile tea [2 bags]
hot water [2 oz]
honey [3 oz]
3 oz. orange water
pears [2]
edible flowers [8 oz]

Shake maple syrup and fresh ginger root in shaker and double strain into punch bowl.
Steep tea in hot water; add honey and orange water. Shake and strain into punch bowl.
Mix all remaining ingredients in a punch bowl, add ice, and garnish with pear wheels and edible flowers. Serves 10.