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Battshit Crazy MIA On TV; Topshop Comes To Town

MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - We're getting yet another reality show that will expose to the entire country just how battshit crazy our city is. We've got a video preview of the Travel Channel's Airport 24/7: MIA, which will be a close look at all the insanity that goes down at MIA. Any other city would buckle with embarrassment, but hey, we're used to it. And anyways, any other city wouldn't have an airport as interesting, and entertaining, as ours, would they?

BAYFRONT PARK - Local artist Misael Soto is making a giant picnic blanket, and inviting everyone for a giant picnic, tomorrow, in Bayfront Park. The idea is to "subvert the way park-goers claim their temporary real estate." Sounds pretty cool to us, plus we're hungry. So bring food.

KENDALL - God Save the Queen! British clothing brands Topshop and Topman are conquering Nordstrom at Dadeland Mall, where they will be opening major departments in the store beginning Monday. Okay, so it's not quite as big news as if Topshop/Topman were opening their own stores in our fair city, but that's still a whole lot of cool clothing, and it's coming so soon, too!

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