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3 Stars for Momi Ramen in Brickell

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Photo via Thrillist

Jodi Mailander Farrell deems Momi Ramen in Brickell worthy of three stars. The little brick ramen house is a hidden gem in Brickell's mostly unprogressive food scene. The place and people behind it, like the food, are unpretentious:

His textured, fresh noodles, made several times daily in an in-house press, have been drawing crowds. The subtle flavor in these hearty, healthy dishes may at first strike over-salted and sauced Americans as bland. But there is nothing mild about the seven ramen bowls and six sides on the simple menu.
Being open until 2a.m., it's "destined to make ramen the new hangover cure for the late-night Brickell bar crowd." Just show up with the expectation of having to wait for a chair at the 20-seat dining room since they're always busy (only from word-of-mouth) and don't take reservations. []

Emily Codik finds former Joey's partner Thea Goldman's Thea Pizzeria and Café in the "Health District" (Allapattah) a welcome addition to the neighborhood: With Thea Pizzeria, Goldman is conducting an experiment in an area that lacks sophisticated dining options. In this case, the fashionable dining option doesn't come at a high price. [MNT]

THE BLOGS: The Italian Chowfather calls Dena Marino's MC Kitchen "a new favorite," saying she "nails it" when it comes to Italian food. Assault and Pepper happily rediscovers seafood favorite Oceanaire. Fat Girl Hedonist takes on a Miami Springs southern casual spot, Crackers, saying she became a believer after three visits to this mom-and-pop shop.

MC Kitchen

4141 Northeast 2nd Avenue, , FL 33137 (305) 456-9948 Visit Website

Momi Ramen

5 Southwest 11 Street, Miami