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Local DJ Claims to be Attacked by George's Owner, Makes Website

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Over this past weekend, there was an incident at the new George's Kitchen in Midtown. Apparently an altercation between the owner George Eric Farge and a customer, Ricardo Dimarco Barea, aka local "DJ Dimarco", took place on Saturday night, January 19. Barea is so set on getting the word out on what he claims happened to him that he created a website:

In the first and only post so far on the site, Barea says:

"After expressing to [Farge] that I felt discontent with the snobby service & mediocre food and it would be reviewed on my blog he pushed me and said 'I will destroy you' if you do that. When I stood my ground and told him I would call the police if he touched me again, he savagely head butted me, called me a 'faggot' and ferociously swung me to where I almost fell in traffic and got hit by oncoming cars."
Barea claims to still feel the effects of what he calls the "ATTACK", calling it a "concussion at best I believe." tried to reach Farge and instead was put in touch with his lawyer, Rolando A. Diaz, who has a different side of the story: "I can tell you that these allegations are absolutely false... This gentleman was being rude to the guests and patrons at the restaurant. He was simply asked to please leave but now wishes to seek attention on reprehensible claims..." Barea called the police and filed a report charging Farge with assault and battery and seems intent on following through, with the website tracking the progress. Farge's lawyer is intent on seeking damages for the "cyber bullying" and "lies and fraud." We'll see who gets their way.

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