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Wynwood Brewing Company Gears Up for Debut

Photo Courtesy of wynwoodbrewing

Founder of the Wynwood Brewing Company, Luis G. Brignoni, decided back in June on the location of his new brewery. The eagerly anticipated WBC is set to open in Wynwood at 565 NW 24th St. two or three months from now, and the production equiptment should be arriving at the beginning of February.

Brignoni says, "we can expect to have three year-round brews, a blonde ale, an IPA, and a porter with seasonal offerings." The brewery will also feature a tasting room where events and pairings will be held, but the majority of the space will be a manufacturing facility. Tours will be conducted to educate guests on the brewing process and, "whether it's a bottle or six pack or a growler...customers will be able to take some beer home." Cheers to when those doors open.

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Wynwood Brewing Company

565 NW 24th St., Miami, FL