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Victoria Pesce Elliot Gives 2.5 Stars Across the Board

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After a review by Short Order's Emily Codik, Pride & Joy gets looked at by's Victoria Pesce Elliot. She gives the Wynwood barbecue joint two and a half stars due to recent tweaking in the past few weeks. There's reason to take pride in the following: "tender, glossy baby-backs ribs", "meltingly soft sweet, meaty pulled pork", "addictively tangy-sweet" Mama's Coleslaw, and the bowl of burnt ends are "worth the trip." The things Elliot said need improvement include: "dry St. Louis-style ribs", "drier than crackers" jalapeño cornbread, "too heavily breaded and greasy fried chicken", and disappointing sides like the mac and cheese which "resembles school cafeteria fare." Looks like Pride & Joy has more tweaking to do still. []

VPE reviews Brickell's Over The Counter, or OTC for The Miami Herald, giving it two and a half stars. It's a pre-pay at the counter then sit and wait for your food and drinks at your table of choosing kind of place that Elliot calls "comfy" and "inviting" with its "rustic charm." In terms of the American comfort food, she says "the best dishes are the simplest." Marrow bones are a "standout presentation", the charcuterie and barbecue chicken sandwich did well, "but the packaged salad greens and anemic tomato could use an upgrade." Sides, while small, are pretty darn good, like the "addictive shaved brussels sprouts." She didn't like the "annoying modern version of a Caesar salad" and "unimpressive quinoa." [TMH]

In Elliot's third review, she takes on the SLS hotel's swanky sushi spot, "scene restaurant" Katsuya. She gives two and a half stars to the "Japanese reincarnation of China Grill." From the design to the "young, hip crowd", it's a sight to see with plenty of "fun" cocktails. Elliot took a liking to the "fabulously crunchy Chinese chicken salad" a la Wolfgang Puck and Nobu's "irresistible deep-fried rock shrimp." Regarding sushi, she notes the "glisteningly fresh and pristine salmon, yellowtail, halibut, shrimp and eel." She says improvement is needed in service: one item was on the bill but not served, and she received another table's plate on accident without the proper apology. The tempura on vegetables was too heavy, as was the miso-glaze on the cod. []


1250 S.Miami Avenue CU #4, Brickell, FL 33130 305-374-4612

Pride & Joy BBQ

2800 North Miami Avenue, Miami