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MCI's Norman Van Aken Becomes 1st American to Take Top International Gastronomy Prize

Miami Culinary Institute's Chef Norman Van Aken wins International Gastronomy Award. Van Aken has been awarded the prestigious Grand Prix Gastronomic Culture Prize - championing the award as the first American to receive the distinction.

"I am very proud that my work has been recognized now internationally through this amazing award for embracing a region of the world blessed with immense beauty, as well as one so provident in natural resources. I am equally inspired by the polyglot immigrant culture that makes Florida the most exciting state I could imagine cooking in and calling home," Chef Van Aken said.

Considered the founding father of New World cuisine, Van Aken's renowned restaurant Tuyo situated in Downtown Miami's Culinary Institute is a continuation of his signature Latin, Caribbean, Asian, African and American mélange. Regarded as the man that introduced the concept of "fusion" cooking to American palates, this International Gastronomy Award couldn't have been awarded to a better chef and original pioneer.
[Photo via Short Order]

— Aleksandra Marcotte