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Box Park Goes Vegan; New Fountainebleau Cocktails

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BRICKELL— Come Monday October 28th Box Park will be a veritable haven for those who'd much prefer the quinoa salad to the alligator gumbo. The event, called "Just Send Veggies", which will be modeled after Box Park's 'Just Send Food' menu option and will feature a vegan prix fixe meal that will be served family-style for $64.29, not including tax, tip, or any beer and wine you might like to enjoy with your meal. Chef Hinckley will be teaming up with Keith Kalmanowicz and Avril Johnnidis, of Love & Vegetables, the pop-up vegan café that offers fresh grown vegan meals and allows customers to pay what they can. There will only be 40 seats available for the evening and will begin at 7 pm on the 28th. For tickets, head here. [SO]

MIAMI BEACH— The Fountainebleau has begun revamping the cocktail menus in each of its high-end bars and restaurants to include a range of alcoholic offerings more befitting of the title 'mixologist.' The new cocktails will be mixing in smoke from special wood chips, as well as a variety of herbs, spices and flowers, with the sought after effect of awarding your palette a multifaceted experience, layered with heat and sweetness, bitterness and bold flavor. [SO]
· Travis Cohen
[Image via Urban Daddy]