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Semilla Now Open; Atrio Restaurant's French Spice Deal

Photo Courtesy of Atrio

MIAMI BEACH - Semilla is now officially open. What they'd be serving was a little bit of a mystery before, but now we know the restaurant, helmed by renowned chef Frederic Joulin, offers items like braised short ribs, ceviches and crudos, ahi seared tuna salad and kobe beef sliders. Urban Daddy has a nice set of interior shots. [EaterWire; UD]

BRICKELL - Atrio Restaurant & Wine Room is participating in this year's French Spice. The deal will be available from October 24 to November 15, time during which guests can "escape to 'la France'" with a $23 lunch (one entrée, one appetizer) or a $39 dinner (three courses). [EaterWire]