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Roberto Cavalli to Open Cavalli Restaurant & Lounge

Rendering Courtesy of Cavalli Restaurant & Lounge

Just in time for Art Basel (December), Miami's getting a new spot named Cavalli Restaurant & Lounge. Yep, behind the gourmet Italian eatery will be couturier Roberto Cavalli, who's collaborating on his new Miami project with KNR Hospitality Group's Karim Masri and Nicola Siervo (also behind spots like Quattro Gastronomia, The Dutch Miami, Wall, and Living Room). As per the chef, he remains undisclosed, but a source tells us Cavalli will be directly working with him on developing a menu of international cuisine focused on fresh and seasonal ingredients. Besides helping out in the kitchen department, Cavalli will also be overseeing all décor and design aspects at the restaurant. Stay tuned for more details and dates.
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Cavalli Restaurant & Lounge

150 Ocean Drive