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Ex-Wife Calls Chef Jeff McInnis a 'Backstabbing Buttface'

Apparently there's still more to be said about Jeff McInnis' sudden departure from Yardbird back in July. writes that the former Yardbird chef stated he left the restaurant because "he needed some 'daddy time'", but "according to Melissa [his wife], that time is up." The ex Mrs. McInnis tells the blog, "Jeff abandoned me and his small infant child to put that girl Janine on Top Chef so they could go to New York and open a restaurant." She also claims that McInnis "lied about the money" he received from Yardbird upon leaving and left her and her child with nothing in their bank account, adding in a phone interview with Eater that McInnis is a "backstabbing buttface." also adds that a source close 50 Eggs CEO, John Kunkel says "That is part of the reason Kunkel wanted him out of 50 Eggs. It's a family company, and his lifestyle and what he was doing just didn't fit in," but an interview with Short Order a few months back on McInnis' departure contradicts this. Kunkel told SO this was "something we spoke about for some time and that we support him in this mutual decision to take some time for himself and his family," even saying he and the company "look forward to possibly doing another project with him in the future". reached out for comment from chef Jeff McInnis, who says "Yes, we did get a divorce. It's sad. Unfortunately I'm not in love with her anymore, but I did not abandon my daughter," adding that their baby girl, Bryce, was just recently in New York with him and that Melissa "did get a nice settlement."
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