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The Early Word on L'Entrecote de Paris

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L'Entrecote de Paris opened its doors almost two months ago. This unique Miami Beach restaurant is modeled after the original Parisian eatery and serves up only one dish: Steak Frites. Reviews are pretty mixed so far, but the spot's definitely getting attention. Here's what people are saying:

The Delicious News: One Yelper raves about everything at the restaurant: "The staff, the decor, the food, the atmosphere, the sauce... everything is perfect. The meat is very tender and the sauce is light yet tasty with a tiny spicy herb kick. There is a salad served before with a light dijon sauce, walnuts and grape tomato halves. Delicious. The bread is warm and crispy and served with butter, olive tapenade and dijon mustard. We also tried the cheese and charcuterie platter with real French saucisson, cornichons, brie, comté cheese and maybe port salut cheese? Delicious. This is a must-try and must-go-back!" [Yelp]

The Saucy News: Another Yelp reviewer digs the Miami spot ("nice atmosphere, delicious desserts, great fries, good tenderloin meat"), but says the "secret sauce" is better at other L'Entrecote locations. She writes, "the sauce is not the same as Paris, if you have been to L'Entrecote de Paris in Paris, France or even in New York, you will notice the difference in the sauce, even L'Entrecote Le Relais de Venice in Paris, this sauce in Miami is overpowering not delicate at all, you can taste a strong coriander, or dry thyme that over powers all of the other ingredients." [Yelp]

The Biggest Joke News: "The steak frites is the biggest joke", one yelper writes. The reviewer says the Mia spot is "nothing like its mother restaurant in Paris", adding that the steak "ranged from burnt and crispy to raw and mooing", the fries "were not French cut", and the sauce was "reminiscent of an Indian spiced phlegm". [Yelp]

The Neighborhood News: Over on OpenTable on commenter writes: "Great new addition to the Brickell neighborhood! Authentic "steak frites" like I enjoyed while living in Geneva and when travelling in France. I've eaten here twice since the restaruant opened. Both times the steak has been superbly prepared, the accompanying salads fresh (with "real" French dressing), and the fries - delicious. The "chanson francaise" and brasserie type decor add to the experience. As with any new restaurant, the wait staff is still learning the ropes, but they have been well trained with any minute slip-ups corrected immediately." [OpenTable]

The Tweetable News: One big fan proclaims her love via Twitter: "My favorite place in this world" [Twitter]
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L'Entrecote de Paris

1053 SE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33131

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