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Sommelier Rachael Lowe Joins the Blackbrick Team

Richard Hales' Blackbrick just picked up Master Sommelier-in-the-making Rachael Lowe to head its wine program. reports that "Hales is psyched" to have Lowe, "former French Laundry sommelier", on board. Sakaya chef Hales tells the blog, "I met Rachael while I was a Sommelier in New York City and was always impressed; it is huge for Blackbrick to collaborate with her at this stage of her career, she's a rockstar". Lowe is equally as enthused to work with Hales, telling, "It is exciting to work on a list in Miami, Richard's Chinese style will give me a lot of freedom to try some new and surprising wines". According to, she will be "creating a 100 bottle list to start, one that will 'highlight quality small producer aromatic whites and earthy reds with plenty of bubbles.'"
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