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Still Going Strong, Palme d'Or Receives 3.5 Stars

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Even with chef Philippe Ruiz gone (and now on board at the newly opened Lippi), Palme d'Or remains a Coral "Gables gem", according to Under the influence of it's new chef de cuisine, "the talented Gregory Pugin", the spot wins three-and-a-half stars from Victoria Pesce Elliot, who considers Palme d'Or one of the "treasures in our backyard". She writes:

Pugin's fine but rarely fussy food deserves your full attention. And with no a la carte ordering, there is no way around a full production including amuse bouches, bread, pre-desserts and petit-fours. The choice is five courses or nine, but be assured that portions are petite and the pacing just right.
As for specifics, "Two pea-sized bones in the odd butdelicious oxtail stew" and "A side of dollhouse-sized cannelloni that suffered from too much overpowering fontina" didn't make her "What Worked" list. Everything else did though, including "a lovely amouse bouche", "Irresistible sweet, spun butter", "A gorgeous knuckle of lobster", "Sumptuous, tender scallops", and "Divine black cod".
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Palme d'Or

1200 Anastasia Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134 305-445-1926