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Jimmy Buffet's Old Palm Beach Place; A Swirly Chapel For Miami

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Miami...

1) Palm Beach Town: An oceanfront compound consisting of two historic Marion Sims Wyeth-designed houses, one of which was formerly owned by Jimmy Buffet, and an extra lot has hit the market in the heart of very un-Margaritaville-like Palm Beach for an eye-popping $47.8 million. P.S. Sorry in advance about the potty joke.

2) Doral: The Catholic Church has always been if anything, recent events concerning a Bishop in hot water notwithstanding, a great architectural patron throughout history. Say hello to the Church's latest architectural statement in Miami, a swirly chapel dedicated to Our Lady Of Guadalupe.

3) Lincoln Road: The conversion of raw, warehouse-sized commercial spaces to lavish residences in the middle of a gritty city is kind of a new thing for Miami (okay, let's put "gritty" in air quotes) but it was bound to happen. Enter this 28,000 square foot trilevel space on Lincoln Road that's hit the market for $29 million.

4) Star Island: The historic preservation war between a Real Housewife and the City of Miami Beach over her "right" to tear down her historic house is still not over. Ugh. Anyways, now parts of the house seem to be disappearing. Next a bulldozer will "accidentally" knock it into the bay.
· Curbed Miami [miami.curbed]