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Hangover Power Hour Starts RIGHT NOW

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2013_hangover_powesr_hour.jpegStarting right now, Eater sites across the nation are kicking off the Hangover Power Hour for Eater's Cocktail Week 2013. From now until 4p.m., that's a whole 60 minutes, you'll get a heavy dose of all hangover-related material (Advil not included). To begin with, here are some previous Eater Guides that may help relieve that pesky hangover and some other helpful materials. Eat some jumbo-sized onion rings, soak up the alcohol with a larger-than-your-own-hands burger, or go for the vodka, again. Stay tuned for more hangover coverage, coming right up.

· If you haven't taken precautions and find yourself with an aching belly and throbbing head, here are 10 spots with awesome hangover food for a variety of cravings.
· Apparently there's such thing as a "hangover proof cocktail". Here's how to make it.
· Drinking is fun, until it gets to this point. Perhaps this will make you reconsider that fifth mojito.
· Check out this little tip from mixologist master and the man behind Living Room's cocktail program, Scott Beattie.

Got a hangover cure you're positive will work or a restaurant that will take away those next-day aches? Let us know in the comments or via the tipline.
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