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MC Kitchen is One of Esquire's Best New Restaurants

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Yesterday Esquire magazine released its list of 2013's Best New Restaurants, and restaurant features writer John Mariani included Miami's MC Kitchen as one of his top picks for the year. The slideshow, which has "distilled what's important and innovative and fun right now," gives the number one spot to Betony in New York City. Here's what Mariani has to say about the Design District's MC Kitchen, helmed by Dena Marino:

MC Kitchen is not just the best and best-looking Italian restaurant in Miami; it's also one of the best in America...Marino adapts Italian cuisine with gusto...Her food and Coletta's savvy coalesce in a sophisticated balance rare in a city where glitz often trumps taste.
That last line wasn't Mariani's only slight to Miami. This was his lede: "Name a great Italian restaurant in Miami. No? Okay, how about a real good one? Take your time. Nothing?"
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[Photo Credit: Adeline Ramos]

MC Kitchen

4141 Northeast 2nd Avenue, , FL 33137 (305) 456-9948 Visit Website

MC Kitchen

4141 Second Avenue NE, Miami, FL