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Week in Reviews for Bar Crudo and Milanezza

Emily Codik stops by South of Fifth's raw bar, Bar Crudo, pleased with almost everything she finds there and calling it "your favorite new date spot". Codik writes:

Bar Crudo toys with modern cookery. It employs a textbook sous vide for the octopus salad, which is as refreshing as lemonade. The tender meat collides with two fixtures on the restaurant's menu: edamame and avocado mousse. (They pop up on several dishes, but there's really no need to complain.) The octopus is finished with cubed sweet potatoes -- a rare starch among the explosions of citrus, seafood, and microgreens.
As for meatier options, Codik is impressed with those as well, saying the "carpaccio tastes lovely." Final verdict: "Bar Crudo mingles its new-age cuisine with recipes that comfort." [SO]

Victoria Pesce Elliot awards two-and-a-half stars to Milanezza in Key Biscayne. She writes:

Call it what you like: schnitzel, cotoletto alla milanesa, wieninleike, tonkatsu, apanados, panado or breaded cutlet. Thinly pounded, lightly crumbed and deep-fried sheets of meat are beloved around the world. At the whimsical new Milanezza on Key Biscayne, waiters explain its namesake creation as a combination of milanesa-style meat and pizza.
Getting specific, Elliot names only a few items that didn't quite cut it for her, including "a generic chocolate mousse" and "bungling service". The rest, like "tender and tasty beef milanezzas", "delicious quiche", and a "juicy chicken cutlet" makes her list of "what worked." []
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· 2.5 stars for Key Biscayne's Milanezza []