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Miami's Vanderbilt Mansion Restored; Elle Decor Show House

1. Fisher Island: The historic Vanderbilt Mansion, built by William K. Vanderbilt II on private Fisher Island and now the island's clubhouse, has just had a gorgeous renovation. We took a tour.

2. Sunset Islands: Check out the Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House, which debuted during Art Basel after an army of interior designers had their naughty way with the place. It's quite something.

3. Palm Beach: Designed by classic Palm Beach architect in the 1920s, the historic El Castillo, complete with its keep and ocean views, is back on the market.

4) Mid Beach: Professionally-challanged baseball slugger Alex Rodriguez is selling his Miami Beach condo six months after purchasing it. It's basically a white box, just like his old Miami Beach mansion, which he recently sold too.