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Reviews for Oak Tavern and Ni.Do. Caffe

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Victoria Pesce Elliot gives the "cozy" and recently opened restaurant, Oak Tavern, three stars. Elliot praises the restaurants "rustic" feel and describes sitting out by the Oak tree as feeling like she is on a "breezy tropical vacaction". Of the servers, she says they are "incredibly professional, comfortable and competent". She terms the look of the Crispy roasted suckling pig, the "golden glow of a beach-addicted sun worshiper" and the restaurant's "thin as crackers" wood-baked pizzas as "hard to put down". Seemed that almost everything about the new joint worked save for the charred broccoli with anchovy dressing and "dishes that were whisked away" before she had fished eating. []

In her review of Ni.Do. Caffe, Emily Codik says the "little nest" eatery "Charms with laid-back Italian". Their first orders to arrive, a plate ravioli and burrata, Codik dubs "delectable". The pasta dishes are "well-achieved" and the lasagnette is "ideally hearty, rich, and decadent". Codik was also quite happy with the deserts (pineapple and coconut panna cotta, homemade gelato, crostata, and tiramisu) saying they are "delicious, classic and memorable". Overall she says Ni.Do. Caffe is a "charming ? small place serving nothing but good, laid back Italian eats". [MNT]