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Chef Riccioletti's Widow Files Lawsuit After Hit-And-Run

After executive chef Stefano Riccioletti was killed in a hit-and-run last month, his son filed a lawsuit against Nikki Beach, the club that had supposedly provided alcohol to the suspected driver in the accident, Karlie C. Tomica. Now Riccioletti's widow, Patrizia Pesce, has filed a separate lawsuit against the club and the suspect.

Pesce is working with the same attorney who "got Casey Anthony acquitted of murder in the death of her daughter," Jose Baez. Baez says that he thinks he's "uniquely qualified in wrongful death cases" because of his extensive forensic experience.

CBS local reports that "the lawsuit claims management at Nikki Beach club allowed Tomica to drink alcohol while on the job as a bartender even though she is underage" and quotes Baez saying "I feel very deeply for this family and I want to make sure that they receive justice." CBS also says that Tomica's attorney, Marc Shapiro, did not comment on the lawsuit but does extend "thoughts and prayers" over the "tragic accident" on behalf of Tomica and her family. Though CBS claims "Investigators are waiting on toxicology reports, DailyMail asserts Tomica had "a blood-alcohol content three times the legal limit" when she hit and killed Riccioletti.

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