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South Beach Wine and Food Festival in Photos

Anne Burrell at Delta Diamond Dishes
Anne Burrell at Delta Diamond Dishes

[All Photos Courtesy of Angelica Galan]

SoBe madness took Miami over this weekend and after days of carnivorous feasting and unabashed drinking, the South Beach Wine and Food Festival has come to a close. Goodbye until next year, but first some observations.

1) At Moet Hennessey'sThe Q Hosted by Paula Deen and sons,
there was dancing to be had, Jonathan Waxman donned a red cape, crown, and golden spatula scepter once he was named King of Q and the champagne flowed all night. Obviously there was food. Tents and plates and hands and mouths full of food, everywhere.

2) At the Whole Foods Market Grand Tasting Village Rachael Ray a book signing machine, signed book after book without even looking down, and Michael Symon got friendly with a raw chunk of pork leg when he gave it a smooch during his demo. One self-proclaimed "dirty hippie" waited outside hoping to collect enough change to purchase a ticket last minute. That's dedication.

3) Trucks on Midtown Tracks featured some of Miami's favorite food trucks. Wafflosophy had a line that snaked around most of the front of the tent, but it was Ms. Cheezious took home the big win, again. And it was discovered that Poodles get free admission.

4) Delta Diamond Dishes Dinner had a slew of famous female faces. Cocktails and snacks were served at the Clevelander pool and dinner on the Marlin's stadium while girl band The Dolls performed. Rumor also has it that Anne Burrell hit the president of the Marlins in the nose when she threw a baseball - she was in it to win it when she said, "let's play ball".

5) At Red Hot Night, Miami turned into Havana (or Hialeah) in the blink of an eye. Dancers taught the masses how to Salsa and a surprising amount of people already had that Latin swag (and some, more fun to watch, didn't).

6) At Guy Fieri and Ziggy Marley's closing party, Fieri suggested that Jagermeister was good lighter fluid, but luckily the thought went no further. One man sported a chicken hat and when Ziggy Marley and the band hit the stage, the aroma of marijuana suddenly filled the air; was it everyone's imagination?

Eating, boozing and schmoozing defined most our experiences, but behind the scenes, over $17 million were raised. Now just one year of waiting till the next fest; seems like just about enough time to cure that epic hangover and feel hungry again.

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